Romsey Festival of Youth Music 2020

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Romsey Festival of Youth Music 2020

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About The Festival

Festival Constitution

1 Name:  

The organisation shall be known as Romsey Festival of Youth Music (RFoYM).

2 Legal Structure:

The Romsey Festival of Youth Music is an Unincorporated Association.

3 Purpose and Objectives:

The purpose of the RFoYM is to encourage and promote youth music in Romsey through:

a) Organising an annual festival of youth music events

b) Organising youth music workshops

c) Encouraging local children and youth to participate in events and workshops

d) Developing the skills of all participants

e) Showcasing musical performances for the whole local community to enjoy

4 Powers:

In order to achieve its objectives, the organisation may:

a) Organise the Festival and associated events/workshops

b) Publicise and promote the Festival

c) Raise funds through the sale of tickets, and by seeking and receiving grants, sponsorship,

donations and other contributions (whether money, goods or services)

d) Pay bona fide expenses and running costs incurred in the pursuance of its objectives

e) Buy, lease, hire or borrow equipment, materials and services

f) Engage services or employ staff as necessary

g) Open and manage bank accounts

h) Arrange appropriate insurances to cover the organisation’s exposure to risk

i) Work with other parties and exchange information as required

j) Do anything else that is lawful which will help it fulfil its purpose and achieve its objectives

5 Membership:

a) Membership of the RFoYM shall consist of Officers of the Festival Management Committee

and Friends.

b) All members shall be eligible to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

5.1 Officers of the Festival Management Committee:




Music Director

Assistant Music Director

Head of Marketing & Fund Raising

Up to 3 other members from the Friends of the Festival

a) Voting for the election of officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.

b) All officers shall be elected for a period of one year but may be re-elected to the same

position or another position for subsequent years.

c) The Festival Management Committee shall be empowered to co-opt additional members as

deemed necessary.

d) A member of the Festival Management Committee shall be nominated as the Safeguarding

Officer of RFoYM, and a Safeguarding Policy for RFoYM shall be approved and adopted by the


5.2  Festival Management Committee Meetings

a) The Festival Management Committee (FMC) shall meet as required in order to plan and

organise the Festival using the powers laid out above.

b) A quorum for the FMC shall be four including at least two of the six named officer roles.

c) The secretary shall record and issue minutes as a record of FMC meetings.

d) Any FMC member wishing to resign their position shall give written notice to the Committee

so that a replacement can be co-opted from the Friends until elections at the subsequent AGM.

e) If an FMC member is absent for more than three consecutive Committee meetings without

good reason, they shall be deemed to have resigned.

5.3 Friends

a) Friendship of the Festival shall be open to persons interested in furthering the purpose and

objectives of the Festival or participating in its organisation, but no person shall be accepted as

a Friend unless their friendship has been approved by the Festival Management Committee.

b) Friendship requires the donation of an annual sum of at least £10 for students and

pensioners, or at least £15 for all other persons and entitles the friend to eligibility for any

concessions decided by the Management Committee and to have one vote at the Annual

General Meeting.

6 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a) An AGM shall be held after the Festival each year, with notice of at least 14 days in advance.

b) The AGM Agenda shall include:

- Review of the recent Festival and opportunities for development in future years

- Review and approval of the annual financial accounts of RFoYM

- Election of members of the Festival Management Committee

7 Finance

a) All funds raised by RFoYM shall be used to further the stated purpose and objectives of


b) Funds of RFoYM shall be held in a bank account in the name of Romsey Festival of Youth


c) Signatories on cheques shall be two of the following three Festival Management Committee:

Chairman, Treasurer, Music Director.

d) Bank authorities and limits shall be agreed by the Festival Management Committee as


e) The Festival shall operate an annual budget approved by the Festival Management


f) The financial year shall end on 30th September.  

g) The treasurer shall keep proper records of income and expenditure and present a summary

of the annual financial accounts for approval at the AGM.

h) Members of the Festival Management Committee can be paid for professional services

relating to the objectives of the Festival, but only if payment is approved in advance by a vote

of the Committee during which the member whose professional services are being discussed

shall be excluded from the meeting.

8 Amendments to the Constitution

Any proposed changes to the constitution shall take effect only if agreed by a two thirds majority at the AGM.

9 Dissolution

In the event that the Festival Management Committee are of the opinion that the Festival should be dissolved, they will call an EGM of all those entitled to attend the AGM with a minimum 14 day notice period.  A proposal for dissolution, including a recommendation for distribution of any surplus funds will be made to the meeting for approval.

This constitution was approved and adopted at a Festival Management Committee on 8th March 2018.